12 Things To Do Before Your Job Interview


12 Things To Do Before Your Job Interview

Landing a job interview in today’s world with a high unemployment rate is an achievement. That is because your resume was outstanding to catch the recruiter’s eye. These are some 12 tips to help you ace the interview. Preparation is important in every aspect of our lives. Read through the list below to maximize your chance of being selected

1. To begin with, Research about the organization

Before you attend an interview, be it virtual or in person, you should take it upon yourself to research the company so you be informed. By researching the organization, you will show that you care and are ready to be a part of them.

In researching, you can look out for the company’s history, mission, vision and values, product or service rendered, and the job opening you applied for. Do your research well so you don’t fumble when asked what do you know about us?

2.  Secondly, Dress appropriately

You need to figure out what you will wear before the day of the interview so you can concentrate on other things. Ensure that you take time to search about the company’s dress code. You need to fit in with the company’s culture so you don’t go there overdressed or underdressed.  Whatever you decide to put on, make sure it is cleaned, well-ironed, and fits you well.

3. Also, Show up on time for your interview

The last thing you will want to do is show up to an interview looking messy and sweaty and with an excuse. You need to calculate how long it will take for you to get to the place of the interview and factor in the time spent in traffic as well. So to get there on time you can create multiple alarms to wake you up and be on time

4. Most importantly, Clarify your personal statement

You need to know exactly what value you are bringing to the company. How are you going to contribute to the organization’s growth? Your personal statement should be something you write yourself as it indicates your purpose and how it will be beneficial to the organization.

5.  Do not be distracted

Your phone should always be in pocket or purse. You do not even need it unless the interviewer asked you to bring it. By checking a quick message on your phone or even time, you send a signal that you are distracted and would rather like to be somewhere other than the interview.

6. Equally, important, Make copies of your resume

Ensure you make copies of your resume the day before your interview, so you can hand it to other interviewers if there is more than one. It shows how considerate and prepared you are for the job.

7. Be yourself

You need to be authentic. Don’t proclaim to be somebody you are not. An interview is not the time to be outside your default mode. Trying to be something you are not creates an awkwardness around you. When hired the company will be able to figure out who you are.

8. Prepare your questions

At the end of an interview, the interviewer normally asks if you have questions. You need to use this opportunity to ask questions you want to know about. You can ask them to throw more light on the job position and the organization

9. Don’t ask about your salary.

Most hiring managers are not enthused when you ask about the salary when it has not been mentioned. This portrays you as a person who is interested in money and not works. If the hiring manager brings it, that is great but don’t force it on the first conversation.

10. Practice your delivery

The more you do a mock trial of how an interview goes, the more comfortable you become. It puts you at ease and makes you feel confident

11. Get a good night sleep

You don’t want to wake up feeling cranky when you have an interview.  It is therefore important to go to bed early, so you will wake up feeling refreshed and your brains will work actively

12. Send a thank you note after your interview

Ensure that you appreciate the interviewers for taking the time to review your resume and considering you for the job.

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