2020 Election: NDC Effutu PC cannot win; let’s focus on Mahama – Resigned PC


The resigned National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate for Effutu, Lawyer Victor Yankson believes the current Parliamentary Candidate, Dr. James Kofi Annan cannot wrestle the seat from incumbent MP, Afenyo Markin come December 7, Parliamentary elections.

He’s thus urged party members not to expend their energies on a fruitless endeavor but rather channel their support to the party’s Flagbearer Ex-President John Mahama to win the upcoming election.

“Leave them to struggle on a contest they can never win and let us focus our energies on John Mahama at the national level,” Lawyer Yankson was heard in a leaked conversation with the NDC Effutu Constituency Director of Communications, Alex Dadzie.

A frustrated Victor Yankson resigned as Parliamentary Candidate in February 2020 reportedly over the uncooperative attitude of the constituency’s executives and council of elders ever since he was elected to lead the party.

Dr. James Kofi Annan originally an NPP who decided to contest as an Independent Candidate who joined NDC not along ago was then made to step into the shoes of Lawyer Lawson as Parliamentary candidate.

In the said leaked conversation, Lawyer Yankson is also heard lamenting over how some party officials conspired against him while he was the Parliamentary candidate.

“A lot of things have happened on the WhatsApp platform and you see in all that they were doing, the machinations against me, you see; these are the very people who said they don’t want me as their NDC parliamentary candidate now today l have resigned and stepped down, your Kofi Annan is in, so what again. Aseda and all the other executives who worked against me should be exposed for what they did against me, as l speak to you l have been elevated to serve on a committee at the national level and l can assure you they will be ashamed if they hear the news of my elevation to serve at the national level. Now l am a national rep who can go to any constituency and work everywhere, am there, not even the region but rather national. My jurisdiction is now bigger.”

The Communications Director Alex Dadzie then said: “Now you can disqualify people within Effutu constituency due to your current portfolio.”

Lawyer Yankson responded, “As it stands now if there is anyone who should be sacked from the party then it should be those who left the party and worked in the interest of an independent candidate like James Kofi Annan who is not a party member.”


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