2022-23 Scholarships Call for Canada || Fully Funded


2022-23 Scholarships Call for Canada || Fully Funded

The 2022-23 fully-funded Canada Scholarships for oversea students are open now. All interested international students should start preparing towards submitting their applications for the fully-funded Canadian Scholarships.

Applicants should apply to study for their undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. However, if you do not qualify for the fully-funded scholarships, you can still apply for Diploma Scholarships for International students in Canada.

The majority of the scholarships under this publication are fully-funded. Therefore, we to present to you the best opportunities available for students globally. You may need a Motivation Letter in order to apply.

Last year’s scholarship rate was 13%, however, this will increase since Canada seeks to increase the number this year.

DETAILS OF 2022-23 Scholarships Call for Canada

  • Host Country: Canada
  • Study Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Scholarship Coverage: Funded

LIST OF 2022-23 Scholarships Call for Canada

1 . Firstly, Trent University Scholarships

Applications are open for the Trent University Scholarships. Therefore, all interested international students can apply. Thus, students can study for their undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in all academic disciplines.

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2 .  Secondly, University of Alberta Scholarships

The University of Alberta is among the Top 5 Canadian universities. You can now apply for the Alberta University Scholarships for international students. Thus, this is a great Scholarship opportunity for International Students to study their Graduate Studies.

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3 . Thirdly, Simon Fraser University Scholarships

Also, the Simon Fraser University Fully Funded Scholarships are currently open to Canadian and International students. The scholarship is one of the leading scholarships in Canada.

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4 . Also, University of Ottawa Scholarships

Moreover, the University of Ottawa has open scholarships for international students to apply. Therefore, interested international students can apply to study for their undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. As well as short-term programs. The University of Ottawa offers the highest number of scholarships to international students.

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5 . McGill University Scholarships is another scholarship in Canada

McGill University attracts students from all over the world. Finally, the university is accepting applications from international students to study for their Postgraduate degrees.

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Also, You Can Study In Canada Without IELTS

List of Canadian Universities Without IELTS

  1. To begin with, the University of Saskatchewan (Faculty wise vary)
  2. Secondly, Brock University
  3. Thirdly, Carleton University
  4. Also, the University of Winnipeg
  5. Again, University of Alberta (Faculty wise vary)
  6. Next, Queens University, Canada
  7. Notwithstanding, University of Regina
  8. Moreover, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  9. Additionally, Concordia University
  10. Further, Cambrian University
  11. Besides the above, Algoma University
  12. Apart from the above, Brandon University
  13. Moreover, the University of Guelph (Faculty wise vary)
  14. Again, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador
  15. Last but not least, the University of Colorado
  16. Lastly, Northwood University

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