5 best paying jobs in Africa

5 best paying jobs in Africa
5 best paying jobs in Africa

5 best paying jobs in Africa

Despite the ongoing changes in various sectors of the African economy, there are still some high-paying occupations on the continent. Multiple careers and professions are in demand. Knowing the best-paying jobs in Africa will set you on the right path to career success. This article presents the top five, of the best-paying jobs in Africa.

1 . To begin with, Software Development

Software development is a profitable and high-paying job on the African continent. With the high demand for software development jobs in Africa. African developers are getting full-time jobs that pay as high as $107,731 per year.

The job involves developing, designing, supporting, and deploying software to customers. These developers design application systems and ensure smooth operations. They create, analyze and test computer programs and software that solves a specific problem.

Software Development
Software Development

2 . Secondly, Marketing

Marketing is also one of the highest-paying professions in Africa. if you are wondering which valuable skill set is in high demand in Africa, consider the marketing industry. Whether in Nigeria, Ghana, or South Africa, marketing jobs are in high demand with massive salaries.

The average salary of a marketer in Africa is $111,154. The job involves analyzing demographics and promoting services and products to audiences. The job involves promoting ideas to target customers to increase revenue and business growth.

marketing jobs
marketing jobs

3 . Also, Agriculture

Agriculture is Africa’s largest economic and highest paying sector with rewarding opportunities. With the increased demand for food and services in Africa, agriculture is a lucrative sector.

The industry requires farm management, business research, food production, and consultancy work, employees earn $60,000 annually. Agricultural engineering is the highest-paying career in agriculture.

All you need to do is solve problems with scientific solutions. However, commercial farmers earn up to $90,000 per year, and animal health care employees get $24,000.

Agriculture jobs
Agriculture jobs

4 . Besides the above, Mining

A report stated that mining accounts for 20% of Africa’s economic activities. Also, it is one of the highest-paying jobs on the continent. As a result, mining is lucrative in Africa. Scientists, surveyors, geologists, engineers, as well as drillers, benefit massively from the sector.

Mining engineering is the most profitable field sector due to mineral extraction and its economic impact. Furthermore, economics, science, geology, and engineering are the highest paying fields in mining. Hence, it has an average annual salary of $72,000. Miners are responsible for the design, planning, operation, safety, as well as management of mines.

Mining jobs
Mining jobs

5 . Last but not least, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The Information and Communication Technology industry is another lucrative high-paying job. This industry is heavily technical. Nigeria accounts for 82% of Africa’s information and communications technology market. The highest-paid areas of ICT include technical architecture, mathematics, as well as business analysis.

The most sought-after ICT jobs include computer science and information system management. This profession requires an artistic and creative brain. It pays $52,000 per year.

Information and Communication Technology
Information and Communication Technology Jobs

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