62 adult learners benefit from Engage Now Africa’s capacity building programme


Engage Now Africa, a non-governmental organisation, has graduated 62 adult learners in the Central Tongu District in the Volta Region as part of its adult literacy and vocational skills training programme.

The learners were taken through literacy skills and more than five vocational skills within the last two years.

Dr Lynette Gay, the founder and Chairwoman of Engage Now Africa, addressing the graduates, said the motive of the NGO has been, to give opportunity to people to learn how to better their lives.

“We also teach our adult learners how to start a business and how to manage it. This gives them a great sense that they can do something and that they have the capabilities,” she said.

Mrs. Cecilia Amankwa mentioned that they have trained more than 4,000 learners in the country, who are now owners of businesses.

She said that Engage Now Africa has been in operation in Ghana since 2006 and also in five African countries with the main mission to heal, rescue and lift the underprivileged.

Mr. Francis Wama, the Volta Regional Director of Engage Now Africa, added that youth learners can become self-reliant if they take the skills taught to them seriously.

He noted that Engage Now Africa has been training people in seven districts in the Volta Region.

Torgbe Kwesinyi Agyeman VI, Chief of Mafi Adidome, lauded Engage Now Africa’s efforts and asked the NGO to help find a solution to the issue of teenage pregnancy which has become prevalent in the district.

“We are very happy for your support in trying to reduce poverty and providing a source of livelihood for these people. We will also plead with you to bring your expertise on board to help end the prevalence of teenage pregnancy in the district,” he said.

He also urged Engage Now Africa to help find a solution to the agricultural needs of the people of the Central Tongu district, since most of their livelihood depends on farming and animal rearing.

Mamaga Asantewaa II, Paramount Queen Mother of Wusuta Traditional area, also urged the graduates to make good use of all that they were taught, adding that, “as a start-up, set up yourselves in teams. This would be easier and supportive to start early”.

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