Abusing vitamin and mineral supplements could be fatal- Dietician


Story by: Lilian Owusu-Mensah

A lead dietician, Ernestina Eduful, says too much use of vitamins and minerals could result in death. 

She explained, “some people pick and mix several supplements together and some of these products may contain the same vitamin or mineral,so what we get from food, we get it in quantities that are enough, but we can overtake vitamins and minerals when we take them as supplements and that we have to be careful because some of them can be fatal if they are abused.”

Speaking on GTV’s breakfast show, she added that one needs to be careful in the use of supplements in order to curb the consequences associated with them.

“For instance, if you take too much iron, it is not healthy, and if a pregnant woman supplements on vitamin A, it could cause spontaneous abortion of the foetus. So we have to be careful,she stated on Tuesday, July 26.

She further advised that one should seek medical advice before engaging in the use or even purchase of supplements.

“The fact that the thing is a supplement or that the thing says it’s natural doesn’t mean it is okay. You have to always talk to your doctor when you want to supplement so that you are properly advised and they can direct you as to the prescription, how much you should take, and then you know you are safe,” she urged.

She added that people should not just buy and take supplements,but they should find out from health experts if they actually need them, so they are properly guided.

“So you should discuss it with your healthcare provider. Make sure there is even a need for it. If you don’t need it, take a healthy diet and if you need it, you will be guided as to how much to take, which one to take and that way you know you are doing the right thing and you are safe,” she opined.

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