African countries with the highest employment rate

African countries with the highest employment rate
African countries with the highest employment rate

African countries with the highest employment rate

Employment in Africa has been one of the highlights of the 21st century. Most of Africa’s youths have been facing the challenge of getting jobs. This happens most especially after their first degree of tertiary education. Despite all of these, there are some countries that have high employment rates in Africa.


This article seeks to throw more light on such countries. Nigeria and Ethiopia had the highest number of people employed in Africa in 2020. Their working population amounted to around 56.6 million and 51.3 million, respectively.  These countries are also the most populous nations on the continent.

In 2020, there were over 453 million people employed in Africa and the majority in Eastern Africa. Below are the Countries and the figures for employment they have.

These are the top 5 in Africa with the highest employment rates;

1 . NIGERIA – 56633

Over the past years, few years Nigeria has been quite productive. Dating back to 2020 their working population amounted to 56.6 million. This has brought about a massive reduction in their unemployment rates.

2 . ETHIOPIA – 51324

Like Nigeria, Ethiopia has also added up to their employment rates not long ago. Due to this increment, their working population is about 51.3 million.


The third on the list of high employment rates county is DR Congo. It also has about 28.4 billion working force.

4 . TANZANIA – 27436

Tanzania also makes it to the list with 27.4 billion.

5 . EGYPT – 26042

The last country among the top five high rates Employable. Making it number five with a total working populace of about, 26 billion.

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