Best Foreign Languages to Learn in Ghana


Best Foreign Languages to Learn in Ghana

Although Ghana is an English-speaking country, learning a foreign language is gaining popularity amongst Ghanaians. The president also wants to add French as an official language in the country.  This tells us there are benefits to learning a foreign language.

Benefits of learning a foreign language

1 . You get smart

Being able to switch from one language to the other simultaneously improves the cognitive and sensory processing of the individual. Learning a language is a great way to keep your brain active.

2 . It offers you job opportunities

Due to globalization, there are some jobs that require you to speak another language besides English. Knowing more than one language puts you ahead of the other candidates.

3 . Increases your cultural awareness

Learning a new language opens you to new cuisines, new ways of dressing, and also building new social relationships. By learning new languages you tend to become more open-minded and tolerant of others because you understand their culture

4 . You become a global citizen

By learning a new language you become more of a global citizen than just being a citizen of a nation. Whether you are traveling for a conference or vacation, being conversant with the language of the people changes the appearance of your stay. That is because you can hold a conversation in their dialect and you can order your food without pointing out pictures.

Foreign Languages to learn

1 . French

More than 260 million people across the world communicate in French.  It is also the official language of over 70 countries. Learning French can land you great job opportunities in countries such as Canada, France, Belgium, and Guyana.  Some international bodies like the UN, and European Union. NATO and others use French as an official language

2 . Chinese

Learning Chinese is also gaining popularity in Ghana.  Learning The oral and written aspect can earn you a job in any Chinese firm in Ghana.

3 . Spanish

Over 600 million people speak Spanish in the world. Countries like Spain, Mexico, and Argentina have a lot of opportunities for foreigners who can speak the language.

4 . Arabic

Arabic is a religious language of the Muslims and is widely spoken in Africa and the Middle East. It is spoken by a large number of people in the world making it one of the top 5 languages widely spoken.

5 . Lastly, German

This language is mostly spoken in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and some parts of Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. The language is not widely spoken, however understanding the language can be an asset to you.

  • Institutions that teach languages
  • Ghana Institute of language
  • Ace school  of language
  • Eagle Vision Institute
  • Accent Language Institute

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