Cocoa Rehabilitation Programme workers lament delays in salaries


Workers under the Cocoa Rehabilitation Programme of the Cocoa Health and Extension Division are lamenting unpaid salaries by their employer, the Ghana Cocoa Board.

The workers under the programme numbering over 1,000, are deployed to cocoa farms to treat cocoa-related diseases.

Citi News sources reveal that workers under the program are sometimes owed three to four months’ salaries.

This development, the workers say, makes transporting themselves to the cocoa farms for work difficult.

Speaking to Citi News on condition of anonymity, a worker under the programme said productivity has been impacted negatively following the month-old salary in arrears.

Currently, he said, “for now, they owe us just a month, just that the salaries don’t come as often as they should.”

“The work is hard, and we need the money… the little that we expect to do the job, it is not coming,” he added.

He noted that workers sometimes have to finance their operations.

“If they don’t pay us, it is a problem transporting ourselves to work,” he complained.

The worker said his superiors were aware of their grievances.

“They know our problem. We have been communicating to our regional managers and still, nothing has been done about it.”

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