Don’t put your relationship on social media- Relationship coach



Relationship coach, Kwaku Adumatta, has reiterated that it is not right to make a relationship public, especially on social media. 

Speaking on whether a relationship can be posted on social media, the coach stated that, a relationship whether marriage or dating is a secret and should be kept as such.

“You are who you are per tomorrow. Whatever you call a relationship, it’s your own secret. If I present my relationship on social media, what is the purpose? What are you trying to achieve? Are you in a relationship with everybody in this world? or it is for you and me? Is that relationship open to everybody? Do you know that you are a secret? Therefore, being a secret, your relationship should also be a secret,” he said.

“So what, are you the only person who has fallen in a relationship before? We need to be very careful because, as mum was saying, social media is good, but when it comes to your relationship, that is your secret,” he said on the GTV breakfast show on Friday, July 29.  

According to him, it is not necessary to post your relationship on social media. 

“There should not be a whole need for it. That picture you go and put it there, you announce that I am getting married, so keep the date is not necessary. That is the mistake.” 

He said that God should be the first person to know about marriage and not the public. 

“That is the mistake. The premises of your relationship and marriage is broken. Who’s supposed to see it first, God. If it’s about a relationship that will need to marry then we are talking about a covenant between the two of you and God. So who should first see it? You haven’t prayed about it, you haven’t fasted about it but you have posted it on social media. So what, are you the only person who has fallen in love?he quizzed. 

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