Employment Opportunity at CAMFED 


Employment Opportunity at CAMFED

Search for Consultant – Innovative Finance Research

CAMFED is seeking to engage a consultant team to investigate supply and demand factors affecting micro loan finance for rural women entrepreneurs in Ghana and Malawi.

CAMFED: The Campaign for Female Education, CAMFED, is an international non-profit organisation established in 1993 with a mission to multiply girls’ access to education and accelerate the benefits to individuals, their families, and communities in Africa.

Purpose of the research project:

This collaborative qualitative research project will explore opportunities for better understanding and improving both supply and demand associated with the CAMFED social interest loans in Ghana and Malawi. The research will take a needs assessment approach and identify practical, action-orientated steps to sustainably scale-up access to affordable loan finance for female micro-entrepreneurs in rural Africa, including those in the agricultural sector.

Expected timeline: Mid-June to the end of October 2022. Key activities will include:

Project inception, secondary research, develop tools, plan fieldwork (June-July) Consultations, interviews, and research undertaken in Ghana and Malawi. Regular team meetings to review progress. (July-August)

Write-up of findings, incorporation of feedback, stakeholder meeting to share findings and final report (September-October)

Responsibilities of the consultant(s):

  • To begin with, The consultant(s) will work collaboratively with members of the CAMFED team to conduct the research and write a report of findings.
  • Then, The consultant(s) will take the lead on: Secondary research (including legal and regulatory frameworks) Development of research tools
  • Moreover, Identification of loan providers/system providers
  • Additionally, In-depth and semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions Coordination of research plan
  • Finally, Coach/mentor CAMFED Association members in their research roles

The consultant team should include experts familiar with (and ideally based in) Ghana and Malawi. The team should include experts in microfinance and gender analysis. All research will be conducted in line with CAMFED’s safeguarding and ethical principles.

Deliverables/Expected outputs:

The envisioned output is a focused report approximately 20 pages, excluding appendices- which will detail microfinance demand and supply factors affecting the young, female, rural entrepreneurs in Ghana and Malawi. Therefore, It will capture insights about how to best meet the needs of the target group, including what is already working well. Moreover, It will document the characteristics of CAMFED’s social interest loan finance model. It will also identify possible system (IT) tools to facilitate supply of loan finance at scale, learning from other loan providers and detail the pros and cons of options available. The report should include case studies.

Application process:

  • Expression of interest should be no more than five (5) pages, excluding CVs and tables of relevant experience.

The application should include:

  • A covering letter indicating expression of interest with proposed research approach, methodology, workplan with milestones and key deliverables.
  • Then, An established daily rate (reference history).
  • Estimated research budget that includes days, rates and including travel as appropriate.
  • A CV for each consultant of no more than two pages, outlining previous research /evaluation experience and accomplishments.
  • Also, Two examples of research reports recently completed or other relevant samples of work.
  • If possible, at least one of the pieces of work should be relevant, or similar to, the subject of this evaluation.
  • Lastly, Two professional references.

How to Apply for Employment Opportunity at CAMFED

Expression of interest must be submitted by 09:00 (BST) on Monday, 13th June, 2022 and addressed to Catherine Boyce email: [email protected] and copied to [email protected] under the heading ‘CAMFED Finance Research Project’.

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