English Premier League Postponed till April

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The sting of the corona virus is still paining hard, the global pandemic which has affected lives, economics and recreation.


The English Premier League met on 18th March, 2020 to decide on the future of the glorious game. The Convid 19 which has hit the European Countries has enforced UK Government on the decision to regulate sporting activities in the nation.


All games have been postponed until at least 4 April because of coronavirus.


Since the pandemic continue to infect people the league together with all the sporting activities in the Queens Country have been grounded to a hot.


The Euro 2020 was earlier postponement to open up a window for domestic leagues for quicker completion in June. The clubs though are not certain on resuming full by the close of March.


It is understood that if those restrictions on mass gatherings are not lifted, officials are open to the idea of staging matches behind closed doors in order to complete fixtures.


But no major decisions are anticipated at this stage if the season cannot resume, with one insider describing it as an “information-sharing and clarity meeting. Nothing concrete will come out of it.”

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