Exciting Career Opportunity At Jonhord Ventures

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Jonhord an online USA firm is seeking professional African Beads Makers, Dressmakers/ Taylors, Shoemakers, and Craft makers to help fulfil its client’s orders.

Be your own boss, make crafts when you want, earn what you need. The more you make the more you earn.

  • This is a self-managed position. You will be your own boss
  • Work Schedule: Work when you want, set your own schedule.

This Is for YOU If You:

  • Own your own store or company but want to receive more orders
  • Are serious is starting up but lack the funds to open your own store.
  • Are a reseller or marketer for an African craft company and looking for other selling channels.
  • Are spend at least 30 minutes online daily.
  • Are willing to work with us to ship orders to customers across the USA, Canada, UK and more.
  • Are willing to accept payment for your work after orders are successfully delivered.

Qualification Required & Experience

  • Must have reliable access tools used in your work, whether you own it or you are leasing it.
  • Must own a Smart Phone: Android or iPhone. A Computer, Android tablet or iPad also works.
  • Must have a working email and check your email at least once a day.
  • Must be able to read and write English and follow instructions, tutorials, and customers specifications.
  • Must be experienced at least 1 year of experience making African Dresses, Beaded Jewelry, Shoes /Sandals etc.
  • Must be able to meet deadlines and ship customers’ orders as soon as possible.

Location: Remote

How to Apply For the Job

Click here to read more and apply

Note: Candidates who do not follow this simple instruction will not be considered. 

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