Finance, Procurement, and Operations Manager

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General Description:

The FPOM role is a management role that requires an individual who can combine several key skillsets (finance, procurement, and operations) to strategically and tactically support a procurement heavy program office (led by a Country Manager) to execute several projects mostly in the form of several large medical missions/events every year.

This role works closely with several internal and external stakeholders (local and at HQ) providing planning, implementation and monitoring guidance and insights in key areas.

FPOM will report to the OSG Country Manager with a dotted line relationship to:

  • The Regional Director
  • HQ Global Business Operations Manager
  • HQ Finance and Procurement Manager
Key areas of responsibilities:

Financial Management 

  • Support Country Manager to develop annual budget and quarterly cash request forecasts from HQ by consulting with program and staff in advance and anticipating level of operations that need funding
  • Lead the maintenance of and revisions to OSG finance manual under guidance of Country Manager and HQ to ensure compliance with local tax legislation
  • Responsible for ensuring that OSG is implementing financial processes and reporting in an accurate and timely manner to HQ. Lead all strategic discussions with HQ finance on bookkeeping and meeting OSI reporting timelines. Establish local reporting timelines for OSG that support this
  • Develop TORs for audits under guidance of Country Manager and HQ
  • Oversee and approve higher level banking transactions and petty cash operations
  • Conduct ongoing training for local and HQ staff on OSG financial processes
  • Review all monthly finance reports prepared by the staff. This includes review of general ledger transactions, reconciliations, banking records, and any other relevant financial information
  • Prepare quarterly financial reports for the local Board of Directors and HQ
  • Work with the Country Manager to prepare donor reports and ensure they are consistent with underlying budget assumptions
  • Prepare year-end financial statements and accompanying statutory accounts and notes required for audit
  • Oversee all procurement at OSG by HQ and country office staff under the guidance of the Country Manager:
  • Ensure that all vendors are verified legal entities with supporting paperwork in vendor files (separate from hard copy procurement transaction files)
  • Acquire best value for OSG for largest budget costs like hotel, transportation and meals by developing and managing cost competitive blanket purchase agreements with large vendor under guidance of Country Manager and HQ
  • Manage micro purchase threshold and ensure that large procurements are competed, procured at best value, documented to manage risk and executed to deliver best value
  • Lead the maintenance of and revisions to OSG procurement manual
  • Approve all procurement related staff advances under guidance of Country Manager. Ensure that OSG aggregate staff advance level does not exceed prescribed minimums. Report to HQ on balances periodically
  • Conduct ongoing training for local and HQ staff (who come for missions as the two systems integrate at this point) based on existing procurement guidelines and findings from procurement environment in Ghana
  • Develop and execute annual procurement plan for missions (and OSG overall) in a way that fosters advance planning and supports the financial management system
Operations, IT and Security 
  • Oversee monitoring ad tracking of all non-medical inventory
  • Select and manage IT vendor that provides support to OSG
  • Develop and manage OSG operations plan
  • Vehicle access
  • List of OSG approved vendors
  • Office access
  • How to manage inventory. Procedure to report and address loss of items, etc.
  • Develop and manage OSG security and safety plan
Program Support 
  • Support Country Manager with development and implementation of annual workplan as 12-month project timeline with inputs from all OSG stakeholders at country office and HQ
  • Support Country Manager to plan and execute board meetings and OSG
  • Work closely with the staff to understand and anticipate needs and challenges
Performance Management, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Lead monitoring and execution of assessments for OSG as well as implementation of associated workplans and connection to performance management goal setting for OSG
  • Ensure that all donor and HQ requirements related to risk management and compliance related to key work areas are communicated to all staff including training and documentation of performance.

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Closing Date: 10th August. 2021

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