FixTheCountry: End of NPP-NDC ‘chaskele’ governance is near – Sulemana Braimah

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Executive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa(MFWA) Sulemana Braimah has warned that the current political system whereby the National Democratic Congress(NDC) and the New Patriotic Party(NPP) take turns to govern the country is near its end considering the push by the youth for changes in how the country is governed.

Writing on social media in the aftermath of the massive #FixTheCountry demonstrations in Accra today, August 4, 2021, Mr Braimah described the country’s Fourth Republic’s domination by the NDC and NPP as ‘chaskele’ governance, the end of which is near.

“The youth of this country cannot be taken for granted forever. The end of the NPP/NDC duopoly of chaskele governance is near,” he declared.

Mr Braimah added that sometime in the future, the youth who have faith in the NDC and NPP will realize that both parties have failed in properly administering the country.

“One day, at least some of the young people who are still conditioned to just think NPP or NDC, will wake up to the realization that both parties, or at least, their leaders, have failed them irredeemably,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the FixTheCountry demonstration was successful with the Ghana Police Service receiving praise for acting responsibly in ensuring law and order.

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