Ghanaian products get more shelf space in leading supermarkets – Konfidants report


In the third edition of the Konfidants Made-In-Ghana survey of Ghana’s leading retail supermarkets, Ghanaian products in supermarkets saw a marginal increase.

Across all 11 supermarkets considered, Made-in-Ghana brands constituted 31% of the 20 selected product categories, while foreign brands comprised 69%.

The Made-in-Ghana share was 18% in the 2019 survey and 26% in the 2020 survey.

The report noted that the improved performance of Made-in-Ghana products is not due to a significant increase in the absolute count of Ghanaian brands on the shelves but rather a significant decline in the number of foreign brands on the shelves compared to previous years.

It further attributed the decline in foreign products sold across the leading retail chains in the country to the severe COVID-19-induced global supply chain crisis.

The top five performing Made-in-Ghana product categories were; egg (63.19%), water (59.81%), cooking oil (46.84%), fruits & vegetables (48.85%), sugar and salt (40.23%).

The worst performing Made-in-Ghana product categories were; noodles & pasta (6.8%), wooden products & utensils (7.75%), biscuits & confectionery (11.12%), beauty creams & oils (16.2 %), and drinks (17.13%).”

Products classified as semi-processed contributed 33.7% of the total Made-in-Ghana count.

“As has been the trend, a significant share of the MIG brands (40.9%) is in goods that can be described as Unprocessed (mostly agro-food products) while 28.48% of the MIG brands are processed/manufactured goods.”

“Airport Shell, Game and Baatsonaa Total are, respectively, the three leading supermarkets with the best MIG performances while Koala, Palace, and Marina recorded the worst MIG performance.”

This edition of the report follows the path of the first two editions as part of Konfidants’ SME Competitiveness & Market Access Program.

As in previous surveys, the study surveyed the shelf space dedicated to Made in Ghana goods versus foreign brands in the country’s major retail outlets across 20 product categories.

Click here to read the full report.

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