Health Information System Architect Needed at Systems for Development


Health Information System Architect Needed at Systems for Development

Systems for Development (S4D), a US-based leading consultancy firm focused on transforming organizational performance through sustainable information and communication technology, is seeking a Health Information System (HIS) Architect to support this work.

As part of developing the Ghana public health supply chain information exchange platform, S4D will work with the key MoH and its agencies stakeholders to implement a data exchange platform that will enable the integration of multiple systems that support public health supply chain management and provide the capability to bring together multiple data sets for data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics.

Job Summary

The HIS architect will be responsible for leading the design, configuration, and implementation of the Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform. Therefore, S/He will identify HIE adoption levers, barriers, and success factors.

S/He will lead the translation of business requirements into technical specifications, including data streams, integrations, transformations, databases, and data warehouses.  Also, S/He will be a senior visionary who translates business requirements into technology requirements and define data standards and principles.

The HIS architect will be responsible for visualizing and designing an MoH/GHS enterprise HIE framework. This framework will describe the processes used to plan, specify, enable, create, acquire, maintain, use, archive, retrieve, control, and purge all Ghana MoH supply chain data.

S/He will also lead the development of integrated designs to meet HIE requirements and align with the MoH/GHS enterprise strategy and related business architecture as guided by the OpenHIE framework. S/He should have a sound understanding of architecture, design, and development of data warehouse and business intelligence solutions.

  • Job Title: Health Information System Architect
  • Job Location:  This is a long-term position based in Accra, Ghana.  Interested applicants outside Ghana are however encouraged to also apply.
  • Company Name:  Systems for Development (S4D)

Job Description:

  • Firstly, To ensure effective implementation of the HIE platform, the HIS architect will take leadership of the HIE design, configuration, and implementation by performing the following activities:
  • Secondly, Lead the development of Ghana MoH/GHS public health supply chain HIE platform
  • Thirdly, Identifying HIE adoption levers, barriers, and success factors
  • Moreover, Establish and implement Ghana public health HIE user adoption, change management, and facility onboarding plans, processes, methodologies, and capabilities
  • Furthermore, Identify leading practices for the adoption of HIEs
  • Additionally, Architect, build, test, and validate integration and EDI solutions and ancillary applications including complex HIE and integration solutions
  • More so, Support development and implementation of adoption framework for all end users and key stakeholders
  • Then, Assist with providing technical architecture guidance across the engineering lifecycle (analyze, design, build, test, deploy and support)
  • Also, Participate and assist in the introduction of new capabilities and the enhancement or troubleshooting of existing capabilities
  • Thereafter, Assist in the development of detailed designs, data flow diagrams, and everything in between.
  • Besides that, Responsible for effectively managing the HIE connectivity components including the exchange portal and the data interfaces with the various systems
  • Afterwards, Troubleshoots connectivity and interface issues and coordinates the correction of those issues.
  • Last but not least, Coordinate with MoH and GHS technical teams in defining application requirements and resolving project issues.
  • Finally, Generate a list of components needed to build the designed system

Desired Skills, Experience, and Qualification Required:

  • Minimum Masters’ degree (preferred in IT, System Architecture)
  • Working understanding of Health Information Exchange (HIE) and Electronic Health/Medical Record (EMR/EHR) concepts and practice management/electronic health record interfaces to external systems
  • Knowledge of HIE interfaces, standards, and functionality
  • Knowledge of SQL and SQL Query Technologies
  • Then, Knowledge of Database Structures
  • Knowledge of Healthcare Data and Technologies (HL7, CCD, FHIR, and others)
  • Knowledge of Health Information Mediator
  • 3 years’ experience managing Health Information Technology Activities
  • Demonstrated progressive project management experience leading projects requiring an end-to-end Interoperability workflow perspective, effectively managing more than one project, and working independently as well as in a team situation meeting aggressive deadlines
  • Have a solid understanding of the cloud, databases, and the applications and programs used by those databases.
  • Understands data modeling, including conceptualization and database optimization
  • Minimum 4 years of professional experience, preferably in consulting or at high-tech companies
  • Strong passion for the following topics – Advanced Data Analytics, System Architecture Data Quality Management
  • Understanding Supply Chain Control Towers
  • Strong knowledge of Visibility and Analytics Networks
  • Ability to develop strategies for data management and data production and use
  • Practical knowledge of tools, and architecture frameworks including TOGAF, Zachman, and Open HIE
  • Strong knowledge of technology trends across IT and digital and how they can be applied to companies to address real-world problems and opportunities
  • Team-oriented and collaborative working style, both with clients and those within the organization
  • Growth mindset, positive attitude & strong interest to solve client challenges, adapt to a changing work environment, and dealing with new issues
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

To apply, kindly submit your application to: [email protected]     

No telephone inquiries, please. Finalists will be contacted.

Closing Date:  Please submit no later than 5pm Friday, August 12, 2022.

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