How to Apply for Ghana Biometric Birth Certificate Online


How to Apply for Ghana Biometric Birth Certificate Online

Wikipedia describes a Birth certificate to be a vital record that documents the birth of a person. The Birth certificate is normally issued by a governmental body. And it has details of the Birth printed on a security paper which includes an impressed or multicolored seal.

In Ghana, the governmental institution responsible for the issuance of the birth certificate is the Births and Death registry. It was established by Act 301 of 1965 within the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, to manage and develop the births and deaths registration system in Ghana.

How did people apply for their birth certificates?

In times past, applying for your birth certificate used to be a tug of war until the government of Ghana started digitization and introduced the E-service payment system which allows Ghanaians to apply for a biometric birth certificate and pay online.

Why do you need a birth certificate?

There are several reasons one applies for a Biometric Birth Certificate in Ghana. Below are some of the reasons we apply for a birth certificate.

  • To begin with, Identification: your birth certificate is the document that identifies you and verifies you and the correct spelling of your name.
  • Secondly, Registration in a school: When enrolling in school a birth certificate is needed as it is an important document required during the admission process.
  • Also, Obtaining a passport: You need your birth certificates while applying for your passport because without them the application process will not go through.
  • Again, Proof Of age: Your birth certificate shows your correct age as some jobs come with age requirements.
  • Lastly, Proof of citizenship: your birth certificate proves you are a Ghanaian.

What documents do you need to apply for a birth certificate

Just like every online application requires documents to verify you are the right person. The Biometric birth certificate requires you have

  • Firstly, Your Baptismal Certificate
  • Also, Clinical Weighing card
  • Similarly, Old Birth Certificate
  • Then, An affidavit from the parents of applicants who are below 18 years

How to Apply 

This is the procedure to follow if you want to apply for your birth certificate.

  1. First Names
  2. Last Names
  3. Then, Gender
  4. After that, Age Group
  5. Country of Residence
  6. City
  7. Mobile Number
  8. Education
  9. Occupation
  10. Primary Email Address
  • After registration, a confirmation message will be sent to an email.  That is why you have to use an email you have access to
  • The emails sent to you will have a confirmation link, click on it to confirm your E-service registration
  • Visit the service website again and apply for the birth certificate
  • Carefully read through the instructions and click on New application to begin the process.
  • Fill out the forms and upload the required documents
  • The payment option will be made available to you before the completion of the registration process. Use myghpay by GT Bank to make payments on the e-payment platform.

How much does it cost to get a birth certificate?

The price of a biometric birth certificate costs GHC 100. It takes 14 working days to complete.

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