How to Get a UK Phone Number in Ghana for Free


How to Get a UK Phone Number in Ghana for Free

If you have been wondering if it is possible to get a UK phone number in Ghana for free then, this article is for you. We will teach you how to get a free UK number in Ghana. You can make and receive calls with your new UK phone number in Ghana. The number will be routed to your Ghana number (MTN, Vodafone, TiGo) amongst others. Whenever someone calls your UK number, your phone number registered in Ghana will ring. This will help reduce call charges.

Mobile Phone
Valid Phone Number
Internet Connection
E-mail Address

How to get a UK Number

Visit or
Click on registration and correctly fill the registration form

Input your your phone number in the space that will be provided without the ‘0’. The country code of the country will be provided as the GPS will have already tracked your current location. The space would look like this: “233-243233347”.

Click on Register to get a UK Number

Check your email, the one you provided while registering.
The mail would contain a number, a pin and a headline number.
You would need those for activation.
Call the headline number
Press the new number given to you
Enter the given pin given to you
Your UK number will now been activated.

To confirm activation

Call the number that was sent to your mail.
Remove the first zero and add “ 44” i.e the zip code for UK numbers.
Followed by your number
I’d the call goes through, then the process was successful.

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