How to Study Law in Ghana


How to Study Law in Ghana

Law is a noble profession, that has many enthused. In fact, many people want to climb to the peak of the profession. Some want to become Judges, Chief Justices amongst others. In the actualization of these dreams, you will need to start somewhere. Considering how competitive the program and profession is, you need to start right. Most importantly meet the minimum requirements to study law and obtain your practicing license.

Requirements to Study Law in Ghana

To study law in a university in Ghana, there are three different ways to go about it depending on the number of years you want to study the program.

4 Years (full-time) LLB programme
To pursue the Law program for the first category, candidates must have;

  •  WASSSCE with credits in the three core subjects (English, Mathematics and Integrated Science) and three WASSSCE elective subjects in Science, Business or preferably General Arts with aggregate 6 to 15.
  • GCE Advanced Level; credit in at least five ‘O’ level subjects, including English and Mathematics, together with three ‘A’ Levels or equates to Arts or Science subjects.
  • Mature candidates must be 25 years of age with credits in at least five ‘O’ Levels, including English and Mathematics.’
  • 3 Year (full-time) LLB programme

Persons who belong to this category already have their first degree in a program other than law.

See requirements above.

  • 4 Year (part-time) LLB programme
    Category 3 candidates are also admitted with first degree in a different discipline.

Enrol in Ghana Law School

After your LLB programme, you need to enrol at Ghana Law School (Makola) before you can become a lawyer in Ghana. The Ghana School of Law is for two years.

Requirements to Study Law in Ghana

To become a lawyer in Ghana could take six years especially for WASSCE applicants. Also, it differs for persons with a first degree and want to study law. It will depends on the university you obtain the law degree from. It could be two, three or even four years, depending on the university.

If you obtain an LLB degree in a foreign university you need to apply to the Ghana Law School. Only after, you can be called to bar in Ghana.

License to Practice Law in Ghana

This is the last step that you need to practice law and be recognized in Ghana.
You need to obtain a license from the Ghana Legal Council to be able to practice law in Ghana.

It is mandatory that all lawyers who practice within the jurisdiction of Ghana, obtain a license issued by the council.
To obtain the license to practice law in Ghana, visit the office of the Ghana Bar Association and go through the necessary procedures or download the form

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