I am more of a Mummy’s Boy- Samini


By Nana Ama Gyapong

Emmanuel Andrews Samini, known by his stage name Samini, is a Ghanaian Reggae and Dance Hall recording Artiste from Wa, in the Upper West Region of Ghana has revealed that he is more of a Mummy’s boy as compared to speaking about his Dad.

Samini made this revelation on the GTV Breakfast Show in an interview with Kafui Dey.

Ahead of Father’s Day celebration on 19th June, 2022, Samini has disclosed that the reason he does not always talk about his Father is because his Mother was his biggest fan, which is why he is more of a Mummy’s boy.

“When this whole thing started, my Dad was not a fan of the stage and art, even though he loved music. He played most of the music that I listened to in the early age, but, because he wasn’t too sure about the space being too lucrative”, according to Samini.

Samini in tears on live TV, while speaking about late friend Sonni Balli

He continued by saying “my dad and I never met eye to eye even though we lived in the same house, sometimes, I will just be lurking around until he leaves, then I feel free around because when he sees you he wants to know why you’re not in school and why your hair is bushy and all of those stuff and so we didn’t really get along for a few years, but, he’s my guy”, he added.

Samini concluded by saying that even though his Father was strict, after he appeared on Television, his father managed to understand his decision and decided to support him financially, including his family.

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