” I Am Very Sorry”; Captain Smart Finally Apologize To Dr Bawumia

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It is a beautiful Thursday and the media space is buzzing with news and political conversations. The breaking news is that Captain Smart has apologized to the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia on live TV.

As usual Godsbrain Smart popularly referred to as Captain Smart took centre-stage on the Onua Maakye show on Onua TV. There was a number of issues raised by the host on the show and he expressed his opinion on some of them.

As part of the editorial segment on the show, Captain Smart expressed his frustration over the failure of the state to bring perpetrators of some murders to justice. He heavily criticized the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress on how both parties have allowed their entrenched positions to cloud their judgement in everything they do instead of looking at things in a nationalistic manner. He accused them of only being interested in their parochial political interest. Captain Smart was visibly disappointed on how a country with so many resources still struggles to make life better for the citizenry.

Captain Smart warned that the leadership of the country must sit up and rescue the country from the abyss it currently finds itself in.

In the course of the show, Captain Smart criticized the current government for failing to prove the economic management prowess they claimed to have had back in opposition. He referenced Dr Mahamudu Bawumia’s popular statement; “if the fundamentals are weak, the exchange rate would expose you”. He called out Dr Bawumia on the show and reiterated that an economic guru like Dr Bawumia is finding it difficult to help.

Immediately, Captain Smart reiterated; I cannot do this to Dr Bawumia. He just lost his mother and so this is not the right time to be calling him out. I am very sorry Bawumia. I know you are in mourning and so I cannot do this to you. I am a very considerate individual. I am very sorry Sir and I sympathize with you”.

Captain Smart further advised the government to sit up because things are getting out of hand. He indicated that the people in the country are suffering and so it is imperative for the government to sit up.


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