“I pray your daughter never meets a man like you” – Afia Schwar in letter to ex-husband Abrokwah

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I pray your daughter never meets a man like you” – Afia Schwar in letter to ex-husband Abrokwah

Comediene and TV host Afia Schwarzenegger has sent an emotional open letter to her ex husband Lawrence Abrokwah.
Afia Schwar and Abrokwah’s breakup occurred publicly with the release of a video by Abrokwah showing Afia Schwar cheating on him with an unidentified man. Following the video, both threw allegations back and forth at each other.
In her letter, she among other things said she forgives him for all the wrongs and things she went through in his hands.
She went on to add that she pray Abrokwah’s daughter never meet a man like him in her life.
An Open Letter To My Ex
Good day Lawrence Abrokwah
I know for a fact you have tasted the wrath of God,besides that I love the fact that you have seen me grow,I have also proved without any doubt that I am a seed from heaven..one can”t bring me down ..Any attempt to bury me is an attempt that will push my growth.
Today 9/03/20 I Queen Afia Schwarzenegger FORGIVE you and set you FREE..I ask God to forgive you and your generation especially your daughter..I pray she never in her life meet a man like you.
As I told you I am telling you again, Worship God in truthfulness and he will help you. I am a prophetic child and NO ONE CAN BRING ME DOWN…Hahhhahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha..remember I told you !!!
Tomorrow 10/03/20 is my mum’s bday and the gift I want to give my mum is this. As you know tomorrow 10/03/20 is Judgement day of your criminal case at Land Court 1 but I won’t be there..it has always been the State Vrs Lawrence Abrokwah. I wish you luck,…….I Afia Agyeiwaa Sikabediden I dont care…
As I knew you had slave masters so why have they deserted you now??? This must be a big lesson to you as not all that glitter is gold.
You were a very bad chapter in a very good book but I took some lessons from there.. Today when I talk about domestic violence I do it with passion becos I survived. I wish you well and pray you work on yourself.
I am Agyeiwaa, And Just like the eagle I am..I am flying in success and to me it is enough revenge to you and your slave masters.
Good luck.
God bless us all.

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