Industrialization is Ghana’s only way of withstanding market volatilities – Ahomka-Lindsay


A former Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, Robert Ahomka-Lindsay says Ghana must take seriously its industrialisation drive to ensure that its economy is able to withstand volatilities on the international market.

According to him, the current structure of the country’s economy overly exposes it to changes in western markets and makes it vulnerable.

Speaking on a forum on Citi TV as part of the Citi Business Festival, Mr. Ahomka-Lindsay said by virtue of Ghana’s overdependence on foreign imports, it has very little control over its economy, even with the best policies.

“The challenge is that, the things we are importing, the prices are not controlled and cannot be controlled by us. We are not in the position to control the price of rice or mobile phones, so it means that what we have been doing is attacking the problem and not solving it. So every time there is a bump in the world, we suffer.”

“We have to manufacture more and source more of our raw materials in Ghana. It is that simple. If you are importing more of what you consume then you are in trouble, so a simple policy intervention is industrialisation,” he added.

He further suggested that the government could encourage major manufacturing companies to source their raw materials locally to make the economy more resilient and increase the country’s trade competitiveness.

Other pannelists for the forum included Afua Asabea Asare, CEO of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority, GEPA, Michael Kottoh CEO of Konfidantes and Charles Addo, Retail Banking Director, Absa Bank.

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