Institute of Green Growth Solutions to embark on ‘One Tree Planted Project’


The Institute of Green Growth Solutions a non-partisan, an independent policy think tank is set to embark on a “One Tree Planted Project” aimed at storing 100 million hectares of land across Africa.

According to the institute, the project is to safeguard the degradation of the ecosystem in Africa and also help augment the government’s efforts in its decision to plant trees under the Green Ghana Project.

The project is part of Africa’s Top 100 Tress Restoration Projects supported by the World Resources Institute (WRI).

According to the institute, lands have already been secured in the selected regions, mainly at Kokofu in the Ashanti Region.

A total number of 250,000 trees made up of five species would be planted.

Speaking to the media, the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Green Growth Solutions, Dr. Eric Twum says these trees, when planted will be maintained till their maturity.

“Everywhere in the world, maintenance of the trees is essential for the goal of this project. And so, we are looking at least 95% survival rates of the trees that we are planting. And so, from day one we are going to go through another agronomical practice and weeding, pruning and watering and then making sure that these trees grow to maturity”.

The Institute is confident that the project will aid the restoration of forest ecosystems and reconnect forest habitats, which will help reverse habitat loss, fragmentation, and ecosystem deterioration.

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