J.B. Dankwah case: Finger and footprints of suspect match samples taken by police


Police Chief Inspector Daniel Nkrumah, an investigator, says the fingerprints, taken from the residence of the slain J.B. Dankwah Adu, Abuakwa North Member of Parliament, match that of Daniel Asiedu, the first accused person in the murder trial.

Chief Inspector Nkrumah told an Accra High Court in his evidence in chief; “The report of the Police Forensic Bureau indicated that the fingerprints taken from the deceased’s room were that of the fingerprints of first accused person (Daniel Asiedu) and the footprints were also identical to the size and form of Aseidu.”

Led in evidence by Mrs Sefakor Batsa, Principal State Attorney, the case investigator said the finger and foot print of the deceased’s wife was also taken by the Police Investigation team.

According to the investigator, fingers and footprints of other workers of the deceased, including a nanny, driver and security man.

On the deceased’s wife, the investigator said, she (deceased wife) told the Police team that she had been living peacefully with her husband.

However, the investigator said the deceased’s wife told the police that there was some misunderstanding, but that they were not at loggerheads with each other.

According to him, the deceased’s wife said before the incident, she was sleeping with her children in their room because one of the kids fell in a swimming pool at A and C Mall and had some stitches under the chin.

“She continued sleeping with the kids, but that did not pose any problem, because they understood each other and for a period of time, she was not sleeping together with her husband,” the witness said.

According to the investigator, on the day of the incident, the deceased’s wife said she woke up after receiving a call from their gardener who informed her that the Police were in the house, and they wanted her to come out.

The investigator said the deceased’s wife informed the gardener that she was afraid and could not leave the children, so she stayed indoors until the Police came and spoke to her.

The eighth prosecution witness said the police told the deceased’s wife why they were in the deceased’s residence, so she (the wife of the deceased) directed the team to her husband’s room.

The investigator said the team found the Member of Parliament dead and lying in a pool of blood in his room.

According to the investigator, the team interviewed the deceased’s wife and took a statement from her.

The witness said the team also contacted Abigail Marfo, a neighbour, who also indicated that on the day of the incident, she woke up at about 2:00am because she heard somebody fetching water in the bathroom.

The investigator said Madam Abigail Marfo informed the team that when she heard the noise, she shouted, but no one responded, so she went back to sleep.

The investigator said Madam Marfo said she woke up at about 09:00 because she was unwell, thus could not go to where she normally plied her trade.

Chief Inspector Nkrumah said Madam Marfo told the team that when she came out, she saw blood stains on her pail and drum placed on her compound and later in her bathroom. “She then informed her landlord, who in turn called the police,” the investigator said.

According to the Investigator, the team proceeded to arrest one Abdul Aziz aka Avenger, whom Asiedu mentioned as an accomplice in the matter.

The investigator opined that Aziz denied his involvement in the crime and indicated that although he knew Asiedu, he did not take part in the crime.

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