Job Opportunity Available at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)


Job Opportunity Available at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

ROLE: GEF Programming Specialist

FAO is a specialized technical UN Agency, bringing unique technical knowledge, information and capacity to bear on one of the world’s great challenges: feeding 9 billion people while conserving the environment. FAO has been an implementing agency of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) since 2006. As a GEF Agency, FAO works with Member Nations and partners to access GEF financing for strategic projects that help countries to address global environmental challenges while improving agriculture production, accessing value chains, reducing hunger and improving nutrition.

The FAO-GEF portfolio in Africa comprises 28 percent of the total global FAO-GEF portfolio (2018/22), with more than 70 projects valued at USD $350 million. The portfolio includes projects from all five GEF Trust Fund focal areas, as well as the LDCF and the SCCF, which is valued at USD 134 million, or 38 percent, of the entire FAO-GEF regional portfolio.

Reporting Lines

The FAO-GEF Programming Specialist (GPS) will report to the RAF Deputy Regional representative for Africa on a day-to-day basis in technical coordination with the Forestry Officer, Subregional Office for Southern Africa, and under the general guidance of the FAO-GEF Regional Lead for RAF-RNE in the OCB-GEF Coordination Unit.

Technical Focus 

The FAO-GEF Programming Specialist (GPS) will be supporting the Regional Office in building its technical and operational capacity to serve the RAF FAO-GEF portfolio. Dedicated exclusively to FAO-GEF programming and project cycle management, the GPS will be supporting regional management and technical officers, providing day-to-day GEF technical and/operational guidance and support. In doing so, she/he will liaise closely with the HQ-based FAO-GEF Coordination Unit and FAO-GEF focal points at the region and sub-regional level (SFW, SFE, SFC and SFS).

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Facilitating the coordination of support with FAO-GEF CU and Sub-regions to country offices, in order to develop the GEF8 pipeline and strategy, including the participation in Programmatic Areas of Work (PAWs);
  • Participating in scoping and project formulation missions;
  • Identifying and sourcing of technical expertise, i.e., preparation of TORs, identification of consultants, evaluation of experts, and review of consultants’/ experts’ reports;
  • Assisting project formulation teams in meeting stringent submission deadlines, by mapping progress against agreed upon calendars;
  • Participating to regional and sub-regional events including MDT meetings.
  • Assisting in processes related to inception, contracting and start-up of projects including establishment of indicators, benchmarks, work plans and inception workshops;
  • Assist LTOs in providing technical oversight and guidance on activities carried out by projects, ensuring coherence with FAO’s CPF and strategic framework and if requested coordinate technical inputs from LTOs;
  • Assist LTOs and country offices in completing the annual Project Implementation Review (PIR) reports, based on the six monthly project progress reports (PPR) and findings from supervision and technical backstopping missions;
  • Supporting the preparation of management responses ensuing from evaluations and providing BH and LTOs oversight to their implementation;
  • Supporting the preparation and delivery of relevant FAO-GEF programme and policy knowledge and learning events and products, targeted to FAO internal audiences and possibly externa stakeholders;
  • Also, Supporting the regional office lead in preparing Africa based regional and sub-regional GEF meetings;
  • Responding to queries on project progress, impacts and lessons; and
  • Supporting the preparation of regional reports and communication materials with respect to the FAO-GEF portfolio in RAF.


Minimum Requirements
  • Advanced university degree in natural resources management, climate change, biodiversity, geography, agronomy, forestry, or a related field
  • Five years of relevant experience in designing and implementing GEF or LDCF/SCCF programmes and projects, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • And also, Working knowledge (proficient – level C) of English. Working Knowledge of French (proficient – level C) would be an asset
  • Results Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Building Effective Relationships
  • Finally, Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement
Technical/Functional Skills
  • Firstly, Work experience in more than one location or area of work, particularly in field positions in Africa is desirable
  • Secondly, Working experience in FAO, a highly valued asset.
  • Thirdly, Excellent communication skills (written and spoken)
  • Lastly, Demonstrated coordination and management experience of a project or project portfolio.

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Closing Date : 10th June. 2022

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