Krobo residents cry to ECG after days without power


Residents of Lower Manya and Yilo Krobo Municipalities are calling on the Electricity Company of Ghana ECG to restore power to their communities.

All communities in both municipalities from Somanya to Kpong have been off the national grid since last night after an alleged exchange of gunshots between the military and some residents at Nuaso.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the gunshots were targeted at workers of ECG who were in the community to disconnect power from the main transformer which was serving a number of illegally connected homes in the area.

There have been tensions with the ECG in recent times over the installation of prepaid metres.

It is however not clear why the entire Krobo enclave is off the national grid, but some residents say they have been badly affected by the power outage.

“It was this morning that we found out that they had a misunderstanding with some of the Krobo Youth around Odumase so that is why they turned the lights off, and they are not bringing it back now,” one resident said to Citi News.

Others also called for some clarity from the ECG on the state of affairs because they have allowed the installation of prepaid metres in their homes.

“Some of us have accepted the terms and conditions the ECG officials gave to us, so we don’t understand why our lights are still off and there has been no explanation for three days now,” said an affected resident.

One other resident said his business was failing because of the unexplained outage.

“This thing ECG has done has really worried me because I run a cold storage business. Right now, my fish and everything in the fridge is spoiling,” one businessman said.

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