Mayor Catherine Eaves Embraces Diversity


Go Ghana LLC and on behalf of the people of Ghana, West Africa congratulates Hon. Catherine Eaves, as the new City Mayor of Alpine, TX.

As an African and the only Ghanaian living in the city of Alpine, Texas, and as a diversity and inclusion enthusiast, I am very passionate about the Mayor’s commitment to embracing diversity in the community.

The Mayor’s aim is to ensure that persons with Alpine, TX at heart are recognized, and rewarded, and also to help them progress and succeed. She made this known during her meet the Mayor session last week at Magoo’s Place.

L: Ms. Annie Hiamey, CEO of Go Ghana LLC  R: Hon. Mayor Catherine Eaves of Alpine, TX
L: Ms. Annie Hiamey, CEO of Go Ghana LLC
R: Hon. Mayor Catherine Eaves of Alpine, TX

The Mayor’s commitment to increase the growth and the participation of the minority in the city is in the right direction. This commitment will be reflected in diversity initiatives, programming, and community investment. We at Go Ghana LLC celebrate and support diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business.

“I am strengthened by the Mayor’s support of diversity and inclusion. We at Go Ghana LLC are ready to rally around this cause, to make a meaningful difference in our city of Alpine, TX.  I’ve known Hon. Catherine Eaves through the Lions Club in Alpine, TX. She has energy, passion, and drive in all that she does. She is very instrumental and passionate about the City and is one of the most well-connected women I know and if you want something done – ask Catherine!” –Ms. Annie Yayra Hiamey.

Alpine is a city in and the county seat of Brewster, Texas, the United States with a population was 5,905. The town has an elevation of 4,475 feet (1,364 m), and the surrounding mountain peaks are over 1 mile (1.6 km) above sea level.

Plans are underway to have a strong African representative in Alpine, TX, and also to make it an attractive destination and a haven for everyone.

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