#MediFella2020: Efia Odo blasts Fella Makafui again for forcing herself on Medikal

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#MediFella2020: Efia Odo blasts Fella Makafui again for forcing herself on Medikal

Efia Odo curses Fella Makafui and Medikal's marriage
Efia Odo curses Fella Makafui and Medikal’s marriage
It’s been a war on Twitter between Ghanaian socialite Efia Odo and her followers after Medikal took the bold step by marrying Fella Makafui on Saturday 7th March 2020.
According to Efia Odo in a series of tweets, Fella Makafui forced Medikal to marry her after he got her pregnant.
The actress/socialite who is a known rival of Fella Makafui compared Fella Makafui to her own mother and prophesied she will be miserable all life in the marriage.
Efia Odo claims she saw her mother very unhappy in her marriage because she married for the wrong reasons and she vowed never to repeat her mistakes.
If she is to ever get married, it will be for love and nothing else. She won’t force a man to marry her because she is Pregnant. 
One of Efia Odo’s tweets read:
“Africans and marriage are like white on rice. Saw my mother unhappy in her marriage for years, and I swore that it would never be my portion. Marry fit love and nothing else.
Interestingly, Efia Odo has no balls to defend her own tweets. Her tweets generated hot tempers among her friends and they rained insults on her.
Efia Odo did not sit and watch, she replied in equal measures. As Fella and Medikal were kissing to seal their love, Efia Odo and her fans were fighting seriously on Twitter.
Efia Odo unable to stand the hit from her tweets kept deleting them one after then one and the fight intensified. As at the time of this report, all the tweets have been deleted.

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