Mfantsiman: Company prospecting Lithium optimistic of gains for green agenda


A mineral exploration company which is into the prospecting of Lithium in the Mfantsiman Municipality is touting the contributions the deposit will make to the green agenda, which seeks to provide affordable and clean energy for all by the year 2030.

The company, Atlantic Lithium, has said the transition from fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles will be made easy with the discovery of Lithium.

Though some indigenes in the area are concerned about the environmental implications of the exploration, the company believes the benefits are worth the endeavour.

It is optimistic that the discovery of minerals will open up the economy and also create jobs for the youth.

“The company is going to be taxed. The company will pay corporate tax. It will pay royalties. There are dividends the company will also pay to the government of Ghana when operations also start,” the Principal Geologist of Atlantic Lithium, Abdul Razak Shaibu Bala, said to Citi News.

According to the company, although the prospecting process is ongoing, it wants the government to support them by giving them some tax reliefs to help them achieve the 2030 agenda.

“We are paying too much tax as an exploration company, so if we can get some tax relief from the government, it is going to help us,” Mr. Bala said.

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