MSc or MBA: Which One is Better After my first degree?


MSc or MBA: Which One is Better After my first degree?

Pursuing an MBA or MSc is an excellent choice if you want more than an undergraduate degree. While both offer training and opportunities that sharpens your skills and gives you a competitive advantage professionally, the two offer a completely different educational experience.

This article will take a detailed look at each degree that will help you decide which is good for you.

MSc vrs MBA

You can choose to opt for which one to study based on your work experience and whether or not you want to specialize in one discipline or you want to gain a broader knowledge on the approach to business management.

What is an MSc

MSc stands for Master of Science. It is a postgraduate degree that focuses on the technical or theoretical knowledge in a specific subject such as Engineering, Science, physics or Medicine. Today, the MSc extends to a range of subjects in the arts, humanities, and business-related courses.

MSc courses are available for both part-time and full time and it requires you to write a research paper or thesis. The MSc is a suitable option for those who know what they want to do and need specialized training in a field.

What is an MBA

MBA is the abbreviation for Master of Business Administration. It is also a post-graduate program that is designed to teach and equip the students with managerial skills, marketing strategies and operational management.

This postgraduate program involves studying the theory and application of business modules. Pursuing an MBA degree is a good fit for those who want to be in a leadership position and want to gain an understanding of business management.

Difference between the MBA and MSc

There is a clear distinction and some similarities when it comes to MBA and MSc. The similarities between these postgraduates degree is that, each requires you to complete your undergraduate degree before pursuing it.

It is also a requirement when you want to pursue a doctorate. Each of these degrees gives you the skills and knowledge you need to be a specialized professional. Despite having some similarities there are some major differences that can be identified between the two degrees and the listed below:

1 . Course Focus

Both degrees offer the opportunity to specialize in an area however, the MBA offers a more wholesome view of business and business functions. This program develops your leadership skills. The MSc offers a more focused approach in their curriculum. The MSc allows the student to specialize in one area

2 . Entry requirements

Both degrees require that you should have completed your undergraduate degree. Generally people offer a postgraduate degree in a similar field as their undergraduate. For instance, if you had a BA in Accounting you can further in an MSc in Accounting.

The MBA requires that the individual should have had some years in a professional setting because it seeks to equip the individual with managerial skills.

3 . Class size

The MBA has a smaller size class as compared to the MSc . That is because the MBA demonstrates having a professional experience as an entry requirement. Having a smaller class means students can get attention from the tutor. More likely, there will be like minded people who can help each other .

The MSc on the other hand has a large class with diverse backgrounds in their undergraduate degrees. The diversity in an MSc class gives you an opportunity to have a larger network leading to strong collaborations and learning.


The MBA is more expensive compared to the MSc. The MBA is for students who have shown competence in business management.

In Conclusion

If you are considering an MBA or MSc after your undergraduate course, these are some of the pointers to consider.

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