National Chief Imam urges Muslims to make peace and inter-faith tolerance the bedrock for development

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The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, has called on Muslims to make peace, unity and tolerance the bedrock for development.

Unity, the Chief Imam explained, is not only embracing members of the Islamic religious divide but also tolerating the views of non-Muslims for a peaceful co-existence to ensure development.

Sheikh Sharubutu was addressing the first National Muslims Conference in Accra on Friday.

The historic Conference, which seeks to bring Muslim groups together annually to discuss issues of development, was organised by the Muslim Caucus in Parliament, under the auspices of the National Chief Imam.

In his address, Sheikh Sharubutu commended organisers of the conference for bringing Muslims together to pursue unity and development among themselves but was quick to add that unity should go beyond Muslims.

“I am very excited by what is happening today; a gathering which signifies unity and peace, because Allah has said that there are blessings when people gather for a good cause,” said Sheikh Sharubutu.

“This gathering here reminds me of what the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) did. He promoted peace between the people of Madina and Mecca.”

“Nothing is more progressive than living in peace and unity.

“Let us continue to promote peace and unity amongst ourselves and also among those who do not ascribe to our religious beliefs.”

Sheikh Sharubutu said God has blessed Ghana with peace and unity, adding that the Conference had been made possible due to the peace in Ghana, which is a result of inter-faith tolerance.

He, therefore, urged Muslims to continue to live peacefully with their Christian colleagues because we are one people.

“We have lived peacefully with our Christian colleagues, unlike what we see in other countries. This is a special grace of God for the people of Ghana. So let us continue to live peacefully as one people so that we will be able to achieve more progress and the development we are seeking.”


Source: Ghanaweb

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