New Job Opportunity at a software company


New Job Opportunity at a software company

A reputable software company is looking for experienced experts for employment in any of the fields below.

Are you a very good and talented expert in any of the fields below? We are looking for Qualified and Experienced Persons in the fields listed below:

  1. Information Technology, Systems Security and Auditing
  2. Software Project Management
  3. Finance, Accounts and Auditing
  4. Contracts and Quality Assurance Management

The remuneration ranges per month are:

  1. Level 1 GH¢ 6,500.00 and above
  2. Level 2 GH¢ 5,500.00 and above
  3. Level 3 GHe 4,500.00 and above
  4. Level 4 GH¢ 3,500.00 and above
  5. Level 5 GH¢ 2,500.00 and above.
  6. Level 6 GH¢ 2,000.00 and above

You can also apply for successful project implementation.

Those required for Information Technology and Computer include:

  1. Firstly, Visual Basic (VB)
  2. Secondly, C-Sharp
  3. Thirdly, Visual Studio Dot Net
  4. Then, Java and Java-script
  5. Also, Microsoft SQL Databases
  6. Moreover, Oracle Database 
  7. After that, Scripting
  8. Afterwards, HTML, CSS
  9. Last but not least, XML
  10. Finally, Systems Security and Auditing

Skills required for Finance, Accounts and Auditing include:

  1. Chartered Accounting
  2. And also, Auditing

How to Apply for the Job Opportunity at a software company

Qualified Persons should send CVs to [email protected]

Closing Date : 28th June. 2022

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