OccupyGhana to sue Auditor-General for not surcharging persons engaged in financial irregularities


Pressure Group, Occupy Ghana has threatened to sue the Auditor-General over the non-issuance of surcharges and disallowances for irregularities cited in the 2019 and 2020 Auditor-General’s reports.

Occupy Ghana’s decision is motivated by what it calls the silence on demands to issue surcharges and allowance in both reports.

“On 9 September 2021, we wrote to you on the above subject matter, demanding that you forthwith issue disallowances and surcharges to all persons so-identified as having been either engaged in or responsible for the illegal use of government funds in your 2019 and 2020 Audit reports. You did not respond to that letter, and we are not aware that you have taken any of the steps we demanded in that letter.”

“On 3 February 2022, we wrote to you, in the exercise of our right to information under article 21 of the Constitution, to provide us with information on whether or not you have issued the required disallowances and surcharges. You have ignored that as well,” Occupy Ghana complained in a statement.

The group believes the court’s involvement may trigger some actions from the government.

“If you have issued the disallowances and surcharges demanded, and have not informed us of the action by replying to our earlier letters, please do so for the sake of good process and order.”

“If, however, you have failed to action our demand to issue the disallowances and surcharges and further failed to provide the information we requested, be informed that we shall commence legal proceedings against you, including filing a petition to the Right To Information (RTI) Commission,” it cautioned.

Financial irregularities committed by various statutory institutions for the year 2020 stood at GH¢12.8 billion, up from GH¢3 billion and GH¢5.5 billion in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Deficiencies noted in the operations of the Assemblies created avenues for some officials to mismanage funds and resources of the Assemblies to a financial value of approximately GHS 77.14 million.

A case filed by Occupy Ghana reaffirmed the Auditor General’s powers to issue surcharges and disallowances after its audits.

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