Parents urged to enroll children with disability in school


By: Mercy Nimo

Leadership of disability institutions in the country have urged parents, caregivers and the general public to send children with disabilities to school.

They say there are many institutions tailored towards entrepreneurial and skills development of persons living with disabilities.

General assessment reveal that the economic livelihoods of people living with disabilities are improving but at a slow pace, due to lack of education and skills development.

It is in this view that the Government as well as some individuals have set up educational centres to train and cater for the developmental needs of persons with various forms of disabilities.

Parents urged to enroll children with disability in school
Tetteh Ocloo School for the Deaf

The Tetteh Ocloo School for the Deaf is one such schools. Established in 1966 by Dr. Seth Lawrence Tetteh Ocloo, the School has vocational skills facilities that train pupils from primary to the Junior high level with cost catered for by government.

The founder of the school during his 90th birthday celebrations with family, friends as well as the staff and pupils at the school premises applauded the staff and the pupils for upholding the standards of the school.

He also commended government for its contributions towards the education of people living with disabilities and urged government to continue to do more.

The Headmaster of the school Mr. Isaac Arthur said the Tetteh Ocloo School for the Deaf has over the years trained several students who are doing well in the country.

He said there are many well equipped educational Centres in the country that caters for persons with disabilities hence parents, caregivers and the general public should help educate persons with disabilities by enrolling them in these schools

Mr. Arthur used the occasion to appeal to the West African Examination Council to consider some examination rules for the deaf students during the Basic Education Certificate Examination.


The Greater Accra Regional Special Education Coordinator Madam Mahala Narh giving the interventions government made to eradicate poverty among the disabled appealed to the public to avoid the stigma against persons with disabilities.

Madam Mahalia also urged engineers and builders to make their buildings disability friendly.



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