Police chase couple for allegedly engaging ‘area boys’ to sexually molest daughter


Police in the Eastern Region are on a manhunt for a couple who allegedly engaged some community members to physically and sexually abuse their 15-year-old daughter. 

Videos of the incident which happened at Ofoase Ayirebi show the primary six girl being flogged and sexually molested by three neighbourhood boys, said to have been contacted by the girl’s parents as a way of instilling discipline in her.  

Reports suggest that she suffered the ordeal over claims of waywardness after failing to return home when she went out last Friday. 

The girl was stripped naked, lashed with the neighbourhood boys inserting their fingers in her private parts with commentaries suggesting they want to teach the victim a lesson. 

That was not all; the step-father also allegedly joined in caning the daughter without control. 

She said, “my step-father beat me mercilessly. I ran for my life, but the boys chased me, telling me I wouldn’t have suffered this if I had allowed them to have sex with me. That is why they inserted their fingers into my private parts.”

The girl has admitted not returning home, but insists she passed the night at a friend’s end. 

Meanwhile, the Eastern Regional Police Commander who has visited the victim has launched a manhunt for the suspects in the matter.

Residents are also being encouraged to volunteer information that could assist police in apprehending the suspects.

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