Prestea underground mine workers chase Management over unpaid compensation

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Over one thousand workers of Prestea Gold Resources are up in arms with their Management over their unpaid compensation.

The workers say said they have used their hard-earned compensations to secure the Prestea Gold resources and begun work.

The workers were speaking on Beyi W’ano, a segment on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem morning show Wednesday.

According to them, after working for some time, their company went into divestiture, making way for a South African company to take over for two years.

The company, however, closed down the company and took the decision to pay compensation but we refused.

“The South African company that took over for two years decided to shut down the company and pay our compensation but we refused.

“Our Management led us to buy the mines, giving us 90 percent shares in the company with the government retaining 10 percent shares,” he explained.

Along the line, however, the workers said they kicked against the company’s closure for maintenance.

The refusal got the company’s Management to refuse compensation payment due the workers for five working months.

Subsequently, after two years, the workers said they agreed to go home to pave way for the company to be closed down for maintenance.

According to the workers, the Management called back some workers who the workers described as their favourites, leaving 1,412 workers to their fate.

The over 1,000 workers are therefore calling on the government to intervene as their monies were part of the creation of the company.

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