Prioritize intelligence gathering to prevent Bawku conflict


By Rachel Kakraba

Security Analyst, Adib Sani, says poor intelligence gathering with regard to the Bawku conflict has contributed to renewed disturbances in the area. He said such due diligence could have led to the arrest of persons who foment trouble and to a large extent, prevented most of the violence seen in the area.

Speaking on the Uniiq Breakfast Drive, Mr. Saani said proliferation of Small Arms in the area is contributing to the violence.

Four persons have been confirmed dead in recent ethnic clashes in Bawku. Mr. Sani said the Bawku conflict, and other conflicts in the country have dire security consequences, saying currently there are about three hundred and fifty-two unresolved conflicts across the country.

“We need to address the issue of proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons. Most of the confusion we witnessed could have been averted. Look Bawku it is not as big as Accra and they know the trouble causers, so if you are able to go after these targets it will stop it from even coming in the first place.”

Mr. Sani regretted the inability of the National House of Chiefs in playing a leading role in resolving ethnic conflicts in the country. This, he attributed to the political alignment of some traditional leaders.

“Most of the parties don’t really regard the House of Chiefs as much as they do for the Court. We have Chiefs who have become like Political Party Executive and everybody knows this Chief is NDC and that Chief is NPP even though we have very respectable ones,” he opined.

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