SHS Student Was Caught In Class With A Machete Strapped To His Thigh (VIDEO)

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An unidentified senior high student was caught with a machete strapped to his thigh in school.


The student was reportedly exposed after having hidden the machete in his thigh which was covered by his school shorts whilst in class.

A video shows the moment the boy was being interrogated after he was caught with the tool as teachers in the school tried to ascertain the motive behind his action.

Perhaps, he wanted to use it to scare or intimidate a colleague or mate in school as someone had done something he is not happy about it and decided to choose violence.



In other news, relationship and se.x coach, Blessing Okoro has finally revealed what caused the collapse of her previous marriage.

Blessing Okoro took to her Instagram page and disclosed that previous marriage damaged because her ex-husband wanted to replace communication with se.x.

According to her, each time they had a misunderstanding, he come only comes to sleep with her so that she does not speak about it and then he will repeat the same wrongdoings over and over again.

Blessing Okoro emphasized on the fact that communication is so underrated in relationship and marriage and it cannot be replaced with se.x. Social media user concurred with her remarks and some said they can totally relate to it although they are not married.









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