Squatters at O’Reilly SHS demand compensation ahead of demolition


Some squatters who have permanently put-up structures in the O’Reilly Senior High School are calling on the government to expedite action in ensuring that compensation due them is paid before their structures get demolished.

They claim that the government had promised to pay them some compensation after they moved the O’Reilly school to the area.

This comes after temporary structures belonging to squatters in the school were demolished by the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly.

The assembly says the activities of these squatters make the security of both staff and students difficult.

But speaking to Citi News, Martin Adenyo, the representative of the residents, said they will not move until the government pays what is due them.

“We heard the government will be acquiring this place for O’Reilly Senior High. To date, compensations have not been paid, and we have not heard from the government. Anytime we make a step, the government tells us there is no money and funds.”

“There is no place of abode. Every time, they threaten us that we have encroached on government land. Meanwhile, we have not encroached on government land. If the government gives us where to go, then we are ready.”

The demolition is aimed at getting rid of buildings in waterways in the municipality.

Over 300 buildings situated near waterlogged areas are expected to be demolished.


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