Submit Application|| 2023 Australian Government Jobs


Submit Application|| 2023 Australian Government Jobs

Australian Government Jobs and how to apply. There are over one thousand Australian Government job opportunities for international applicants. The jobs are available in different departments, areas, and positions. Unlike the New Zealand Government Jobs, the Australian Government Jobs are a bit different.

This is because, with the New Zealand Government Jobs, successful applicants can apply for Working Visa once they are offered the jobs they have applied for. However, with the Australian Government Jobs, applicants are given a Working Visa according to the type of job they have been offered.

Why Should You Apply For Australian Government Jobs

The majority of international applicants are interested to work in Australia because of the following reason:

  • Firstly, the nature of the Job
  • Secondly, because of better work-life balance,
  • Thirdly, more financial benefits,
  • Lastly, flexibility.

However, applicants should note that Australian government jobs are difficult to get. Also, it takes a long period of time to get Working Visa. Therefore, interested applicants should have a good CV.

 Details about 2023 Australian Government Jobs

The 2023 Australian Government Jobs are grouped into different categories. They include the following:

  • Recent growth industries in Australia
  • Popular Jobs in Australia
  • Skills Shortages in Australia

Also Apply:

1 . To begin with, Recent growth industries in Australia Category

The following job opportunities are available under the Recent growth industries in Australia:

  • Firstly, Construction
  • Secondly, Education
  • Thirdly, Engineering
  • Also, Healthcare
  • Last but not least, Mining and Energy
  • Lastly, Science and technology.

2 .  Secondly, Popular Jobs in Australia Category

Also, the following jobs are available:

  • Firstly, Agriculture
  • Followed by Chemicals
  • Thirdly, Food processing
  • Another is the Industrial and transportation equipment
  • Last but not least, Mining
  • Lastly, Steel

3 . Skills Shortages in Australia

Jobs under the Skills Shortages in Australia include the following:

  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare

Types Of Working Visa For Australia

As indicated earlier, an Australian Working Visa is given to successful applicants according to the type of job offered. Therefore, applicants should consider the following Working Visas’ when applying

Applicants who are seeking to get permanent residency in Australia must apply via the SkillSelect positions.

Salary Packages For Australia Government Jobs

Interested applicants should expect to earn an approximate salary in the following jobs

  • To begin, Administration Officer: Salary package of $83,928 – $95,873.
  • Secondly, Helicopter Mission Commander:  $90,955
  • Thirdly, Director, Logistics Systems Sustainment: from $123,159 – $147,828
  • Also, Communications/Journalism Jobs in Australia: from AU$87,000 – AU$98,000
  • Besides the above, Economic Development/Commerce: from AU$102,000 – AU$111,000
  • Aside from, Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy, and Resources Jobs: The salary is $110,017
  • Moreover, Doctor Jobs in Australia: the salary is $118,940 with other benefits.
  • Last but not least, Nursing Officer Jobs in Australia: The salary is $82,574 annually
  • Lastly, Software Engineer Jobs: The salary ranges from AU$87,000 to AU$111,000 annually in addition to 15.4% annulations

How to Apply For 2023 Australian Government Jobs?

The application process is online. Therefore, interested applicants should click on the link below to apply.

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