Suspected explosion at Santa Maria being probed – MCE


The suspected explosion at Santa Maria in Accra on Tuesday afternoon is being investigated, according to Municipal Chief Executive for Ga Central, Mohammed Bashiru.

Speaking to Citi News, he said people from the Ministry of Defense had been at the scene to gather information.

“We are receiving different accounts of the incident,” he noted.

He, however, said there was no evidence of a dynamite explosion, as had been previously reported.

“Dynamite will not explode in an area and in a 30 metres radius, 20 metres radius, 10 metres radius, you don’t see any evidence of an explosion. If it was dynamite, at least the walls of the houses would have been destroyed,” Mr. Bashiru said.

A groundnut seller was injured in the incident, according to the MCE.

“Somebody called her to buy groundnuts from her, and she stepped on something and there was some sound.”

“The person who called her told her that there is blood coming from her toe, and she looked at it and was rushed to the hospital,” Mr. Bashiru said.

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