Video: A plus applauds police officer for blasting Chinese national


A Political Critic and a Ghanaian High-life rapper, Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as A Plus has applauded a Ghanaian police officer for blasting a Chinese national for flouting lockdown directive.

The Chinese national said he was sorry and that even provoked the policeman.

The officer said the whole world is restless because of the ‘reckless’ lifestyle of his country.

He also reminded the Chinese national how Africans are being treated in China.

Watch The Video Below:

A video of the police officer blasting the Chinese national for flouting President directive

Kwame A-Plus in his reaction, praised the police officer for his bravery.

He said it would have even been nicer if he had slapped the Chinese man a couple of times.

“Well done policeman. Chinese are evicting Africans living peacefully in China from their homes but you are disobeying our presidents order. You don’t respect our country and our president. Like he for slap am like 10.”

A-Plus also explained that he wished he was the President of Ghana. According to him, he would have sacked all Chinese nationals from his country and ensured that their businesses are shutdown because of how badly they are treating African nationals in their country.

“If I were president of Ghana, if you evict Ghanaians I evict every Chinese in Ghana and close down their businesses. You people should vote for me ooo. You’ll see gangster president. Donald Trump self good!!! 😂😂😂😂.”

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