Wa flogging: Focus should be on persons who leaked couple’s sex tape – Kpebu


Martin Kpebu, a private legal practitioner, believes the persons who leaked the sex tape of the Wa couple that was publicly whipped as punishment should be the targets of police and society.

“The key thing is, who leaked the video? That is where they should channel their energies. When you find the leakers, you report the leakers. That is the law,” Mr. Kpebu said on The Big Issue.

He explained that the persons who leaked the tape breached laws against obscenity, not the persons who recorded it in private.

“They are the people who circulated it. When you circulate it, there are laws against obscenity in the Criminal Offences Act.”

“Even when you send it online, they are even making it [the laws] stiffer,” he added.

Mr. Kpebu further stressed that the couple “are free persons and adults.”

“The chief has no locus to make a law, for instance, on flogging,” he added.

There have been no reported arrests in relation to the leaking of the sex tape.

But police have arrested three persons in connection to the public flogging of the couple.

A viral video showing the couple bound to poles and being whipped in front of a mob sparked outrage online.

Some people in the community, however, backed the public flogging and rioted when police arrested the three suspects.

This led to the arrest of some 18 persons, who besieged the police station holding the three suspects.

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