‘Wa flogging incident has nothing to do with Islamic laws’ – Murtala Muhammed


The Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Ibrahim Murtala Muhammed, is unhappy that some people are linking the flogging of two lovers who allegedly had a sexual encounter and leaked the video on social media to Islam laws.

He says most of the commentaries he has followed seem to link the flogging incident to Sharia law.

He clarified that Muslims in the country do not go by Sharia law.

Speaking on The Big Issue on Citi TV, Murtala Muhammed said, “I heard two panellists on a radio station yesterday attributing the Wa flogging incident to Sharia. What happened in the Wa Naa’s palace has nothing to do with Islam. The people never mentioned Sharia. The fact that the people are predominantly Muslims does not in any way link their actions to Islam. Besides, there is no Sharia in Ghana. The traditional authorities in Wa never said anywhere that the action was motivated by Sharia.”

“What they said, however, is that the conduct of the lady and gentleman frowns upon their values. Since when have cultural values of people become Islamic jurisprudence positions?”

Reports indicate that the two were arrested by some young men in the town, who sent them to the Palace.

The Wa Naa was absent upon their arrival, compelling the young men to take matters into their own hands and deliver punishment.

They were given twenty lashes each.

The incident has drawn the ire of Ghanaians, who have called for sanctions against those involved.

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