We’re cash-strapped; Airport, Civil Aviation owe us $80m – Meteo Agency


The Ghana Meteorological Agency has admitted that it is handicapped in its operations to provide accurate weather information following the onset of the rains due to financial challenges.

This is because some state agencies have failed to pay for services rendered to them by the Agency.

The Ghana Airport Company Limited and Ghana Civil Aviation Authority have been cited as some of the Agency’s debt defaulters, owing to the tune of US$ 80 million.

Felicity Ahafianyo, Head of Central Analysis & Forecast at Ghana Meteorological Agency, made this claim on Eyewitness News while speaking on some of the difficulties being faced by the Agency.

“Some companies are owing the Ghana Meteorological Agency, and they are not paying. I can say that, Ghana Airport Company is not paying for the services we are rendering to them. The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority is also not paying us for the services we are rendering. They are not paying, but once a while, they come and give us something. Meanwhile, they are owing us US$ 80 million dollars”, she said.

Recent floods recorded in parts of the country led to the destruction of several properties.

The situation is mostly blamed on the lack of a well-equipped Meteorological Agency to help provide timely information to reduce mortalities recorded during floods.

But Felicity Ahafianyo maintains the refusal of these companies to honour their financial obligation is hampering their operations.

“Per our indication, we are doing well, but there is more room for improvement. In terms of equipment, they are very expensive, and the agency alone cannot do it. In terms of resources and cash, we are limited. But then, we have challenges, and we need cash. So if they don’t give us what they owe us, how do we improve?”

Parts of Ghana were flooded after hours of downpour on Wednesday.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has given indications of more of such torrential rains within the rainy season.

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