“You Are Disgracing Me”; Christian Atsu Reacts To Wakaso’s Post

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A day ago, Mubarak Wakasu posted a video on social media to express himself. It was also posted to entertain himself and fans.

In the video, he played and Jammed to Kinata’s new song. A lot of comments were posted under it. These comments came from fans, family, friends and some team mates.

One of the comments was from Christian Atsu, his team mate at the senior national team of Ghana, the black stars.

He said “you are Disgracing me, smile a bit to make it nice”. He said this as a reaction to Wakasu’s post because he was singing without smiling.

As team mates this is one of the ways they have fun with one another. They can use strong words without being offensive at the person.

After seeing Christian Atsu’s reactions Wakaso replied with a smiling imoji to show how he understands the comment.

A screenshot of the reaction has been captured and posted here for you to see.

The video to which he reacted has also been posted below.

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